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Bonnie Lola Shares ‘Doxology, Part II’.

Off of LP ‘Doom’, comes the longitudinally precise single of ‘Doxology, Part II’. A pre-amble to an sequel, the viably, understandable, chasm of emotions slowly cross the roads in fair assumptions and droning resistance.

Even after you’re buried, you can never be forgotten, according to Bonnie Lola: get exclusive pre-release access of their new 8 song EP.

Bonnie Lola is the solo project of guitarist Grady Neff, whose influences range from Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alt-J and Pink Floyd. Grady stated that: “to bridge the gap between gritty rock and roll and dreamy psychedelia, creating smooth music with a message that pulls from a deeper place.”

Interesting indeed. Get sucked into that understated vortex.

“I put my heart into this EP,” Grady further added, “it took over a year to write, produce and record.”

Bonnie Lola has just begun its newly found journey.

And what a way to start.



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