Bonniesongs ‘Ice Cream’ (Remix by LibraLibra) : Tangled into digital majesty


Bonnie Stewart is the CEO of project Bonniesongs. And with her wispy clarity of a voice, tangled into digital majesty in this remix by LibraLibra, we’re wisked away, even if we didn’t wannna.

Secretly though, you did.

The tantric effervescence, the prominent beats, curtailed by the wisdom of it all – ‘Ice Cream’ in this iteration, crashes your private party, to make it an orgy of good vibes and a brighter meaning vision.

Bonnie renders her arrangements with a fidelity of performance that seems to amplify an almost spectral presence. She’ll play loudly whilst making you ridiculously aware of silence and then go some way to reminding you how music is at its most basic, mere vibration moving through air, occupying the same molecular space as the incorporeal.

See. Told you. Bonnie will reign.


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