Bonny Lass ‘Test Card Girl’ : Makes you want to dance, to the rhythms and never being in sync with the status quo.

Bonny Lass

Bonny Lass grew out of a conversation about coming of age in the UK in 1990s, heading to art school or uni, the balancing of idealism with the reality of life out there on your own two feet; the buzz of awakening to new worlds of art and music.

Gabriel and Matthew drew on their own experiences to create wry, affectionate songs featuring characters in a world specific to their time but nonetheless relatable. The themes of self discovery are, in the end, universal.

Now years later, they still got what it takes to draw attention with quirky progressions and distinctly angle to the world outside their windows of life. ‘Test Card Girl’ is nothing of the sort, but all that you’d wanted. A song that makes you want to dance, to the rhythms and never being in sync with the status quo.

The ‘Some People’ EP is out now.

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It was a mad flat we lived in. I had a really stressful time finding it because my three flatmates-to-be were all finishing their years abroad and they had trusted me to get somewhere nice. This was way before camera phones of course. It was in quite a fancy block and I think some of the higher flats even had a view into the cricket ground opposite. We had a party once were we decided the theme was ‘the forest’ and we ended up dragging a massive fallen tree branch, leaves and all, out of the park and up in the lift. We decorated the whole of the flat like some weird grotto and it was one of those nights where word got around and loads of randoms turned up as it got later and later. We got into such shit with the residential management for that and our next door neighbours hated us. I’m surprised we didn’t get evicted to be honest. Anyway this was taken just before we moved out, one of us had their parent’s car for the day so we went up onto the Downs and I remember the air just feeling amazing. That summer dusky warmth and pints of cider.

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