Bonsaii ‘Forever’ : Florentine glitter and charming exposition in angsty nihilism.


New project from the Central Coast, Bonsaii, is an Indie Pop styling, decked out in songwriting and topped off with electronic dance sensibilities. Showcasing more of the quirky pop character and production style, ‘Forever’, builds on an indie-pop guitar riff with shimmering synths and danceable beats. With nods to Northeast Party House, The Jungle Giants and Empire of the Sun.

“’Forever’ is about a girl that gets what she wants without even trying,” said Bonsaii. “I started writing it over a year ago and it took on many different forms and mutations before taking rest at its final destination as you hear it now. A short punchy fuzzball fabricated from affected synths and zappy drums.”

Zippy indeed.

With florentine glitter and charming exposition in angsty nihilism, ‘Forever’ is what you always wanted.


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