Bonsaii ‘Seasons’ : Lovely vibes. Raw and uncontaminated.


Indie Pop songwriting layered on top of an electronic dance production sense. With nods to Northeast Party House, The Jungle Giants and Empire of the Sun (with songwriting influences from Fidlar and BENEE), the self produced and recorded, ‘Seasons’ is the first track from this project.

Sprinting out of the gates with big indie synth feels backed by a fun dance beat, lush harmonies, warm intergalactic swirls and freaky synth wig outs thrown together for a familiar yet fresh take on quirky indie dance.

Said Bonsaii: “I like to write songs with an indie pop rock structure (whatever that is anyway) and then tinker with the song by playing with different electronic sounds and production… I wanted it to sound pretty raw, which makes recording at home a little more forgiving too. While lots of the vocals and guitar are fairly untouched, I like to dig in and get a bit antsy with synth sounds and drum production to attempt to get the best of both worlds.”


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