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Boogie Mango // Les Gold // Sleepy // Royal Target // Stray Light

Boogie Mango – Walky Walk

Nashville based Boogie Mango writes songs about existential crises and heartbreak, while delivering in a youthful concoction of melodies, samples and synthy flavorings. A passion project of composer and multi-instrumentalist, Ryan Claus, Boogie Mango’s single is a shimmering walk down a runway that might not end at all. Stated Ryan: “I’m a pretty shy guy and I’ve never thought of myself as a vocalist. But I wanted to balance all the commercial work by doing something more vulnerable. Turns out singing does exactly that.” Ryan writes original music for some of the biggest brands in the world including Apple, Mountain Dew, ESPN and more. He’s a veteran songwriter, but wanted to expand into his more alt side. Boogie Mango is certainly that.

Les Gold – No Time

Portland indie-rock quartet Les Gold was founded by frontmen Jenson Tuomi and Travis Ezell out of a lifetime of friendship and musical exploration. The beauty of the song and the band, comes from the melodies that bloom from the majestic vocals and guitar interactions. And with Tim Kaye, Nick Wright, and Walter Stern, completing this formidable indie outfit, the hits keep on coming, for our listening benefit. Framed in the guitar led, psyche-visions of a ballad-like vibe, ‘No Time’ is a crooning rendition for love and all of its excesses and limitations. ‘No Time’ “bringing us to question if our perceived youth is real, or if we’re just pretending”. Told you. Formidable in the best of traditions. See them next @ The Buffalo Gap Saloon & Eatery in Portland Oregon, November 2nd.

Sleepy – Apologise

Martin, Sarah, and Cook bring the vibes in their rockin’ indie offering of ‘Apologize’. The Sydney based trio started in 2014, and has been creating some shoegaze blend of music that curls up agains your souls and comforts you in tinges of nostalgia. Evan Dando, Courtney Barnette, Gin Blossoms, Toad The Wet Sprockets come to mind when listening to the gentle breezes that their songs create. The tonic poetry, intended for your ears, hit with absolute excellence and audible poignancy. ‘Apologise’ contineus that tradition set for themselves.

Royal Target – Get out of my Mind

Royal Target is the owner of this proud and anthemic shoegaze based single ‘Get Out Of My Mind’. The Munich, Germany based artist wrote this single about the subject of ‘Brothers’ and ‘Friendship’. The coarse gradient of the song is rated through the urgency of the vocals and the lyrics. Then as the benevolent atmosphere, in nostalgia and truth in caring for another, the guitar strums meld into one and exudes a sunshine glow to an otherwise gray and moist emotion. Said the artist: “It’s about a fight between brothers and the mental crisis the younger one has now. {He’s] a good friend of mine and the song is dedicated to him.”

Stray Light – Josephene feat. Neev

Stray Light teams up with Scottish singer Neev on ‘Josephene’. The single is beautiful and emotional electronic cut that reveals further subtleties with each listen. Stray Light is a London based musician creating heartbreakingly poignant, downtempo electronica. 2019 has seen the release of several singles including Before Another Autumn. Stray Light’s vocals are of undeniable expression of vulnerability and uncanny vibes. The glow of pop and rock sensibilities, come meeting at the cross roads of gently weeping electronic adornments. She deals with subjects of ‘relationships, existential angst, and quarter-life-crises’, to admonish the radical, while calmly supporting the best within each of us.


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