Boogrov ‘Волна’ : Edge between current trends and retro sound stylizations.


Andrey Boogrov is Boogrov and is an electronic producer and musician from Moscow. Giving a preference to various shapes of Disco and Soul, he’s skillfully balancing on the edge between current trends and retro sound stylizations.

His first hit-record ‘Going Crazy’ Boogrov was recorded with vocalist Rene. This track became one of the most bright summer tunes of 2014 on Russian dance music scene. In the same period Boogrov took the first place in a lirge-scale ‘Feeleing Good Tonight’ remix-contest by popular band Therr Maitz. In March of 2015 Boogrov presented his debut EP called ‘Ostium’. This release is promising to be a starting point of Andrey’s international recognition.

Boogrov doesn’t put himself into the rigid frames of genres. Pop music and electronic experiments attract him equally.


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