Boom Vang ‘Nasty Boy’ : Let’s rock like you should – NYC style, with Boom Vang.

Boom Vang

‘Nasty Boy’ blasts out the gate in true punk style with chugging guitar and a bass line chock full of filthy low end. The turbulence starts and it doesn’t let go while Finn Cronin’s aggressive punk rock vocals, decimate the walls of attrition, to that exalting rock n’ roll night.

Raucous and electric, Boom Vang’s classic New York City grit comes into play, as the traditions of many seems to ravage your listening soul, in the best of ways. Boom Vang supplies hard hitting rock you can move to and a presence that keeps you.

A chance meet up at Chelsea’s SIR Studios led lead guitarist, Danny Morrison and Drummer Carson Groenewold merged their respective projects into one. Later on bringing on Finn Cronin shortly thereafter as a lyricist and vocalist and bassist Will Metivier solidified the lineup in 2018.

The band describes their sound as: “Upbeat rock with a post-punk drive, dark melodic riffs and in your face energy. There’s a nod to grunge/alternative, with a new indie rock feel.”

There’s no argument there.

Let’s rock like you should – NYC style, with Boom Vang.

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