Bopcorn X SHIMA ‘Athena’ : The driven art for soulful acceptance, chimes in embrace and charms.

Bopcorn X SHIMA

Off of the 3 track EP ‘Lagoon’, Bopcorn and SHIMA’s single ‘Athena’ bursts in assumptions of the heart – even in the tattered and torn remnants.

Climactic and pure, the show blizzards of confusion and ultimate clairvoyance, linger in the notes of ‘Athena’. A palpitating adjustment to a world of the possible, the driven art for soulful acceptance, chimes in embrace and charms.

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Taking u on a journey #webeenboppin

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PEOPLE! I AM SO EXCITED to announce that exactly one week from now, I will be dropping one of my favorite songs I’ve ever made featuring one of my favorite rappers in existence right now, @kingmiyachi. This song means a lot to me because I’ve basically been working on it since March and I wrote, recorded, produced, and mixed it myself. This is also the first time I’m using English and Japanese in the same song, which is something I’ve always wanted to do! Stay tuned for the pre-save link because it’s coming real soon. みなさん!!発表があります。今日から一週間後、8/17日に、新しいシングルを出します!何とフィーチャリングは私の大好きなラッパーMIYACHI!何ヶ月もかけてプロデゥースした曲なのでみんなに聴いて貰うのが楽しみです。 リリックは今までやった事ない英語と日本語のミックス。Spotify や Apple Music の PreーSave リンクはもうすぐで出来ますので Stay tuned 🤩🙏 📸 @kt.boyle

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