Bor Luos ‘Blackout’ (Feat. IR Dante, Rob Soul)(Video) : Humanity doesn’t deserve, anything less.

Bor Luos

Bor Luos bring an emphatic song of ‘Blackout is a claim for peace, love and equality’, to the fore. A relevant and powerful reminder of what’s at stake. But most of all, the song repeats that people are love, and will love, to make things right. To push forward to a new dawn of new vibes and new institutional awareness.

Justice for one. Justice for all.

“I share my journey of emotions through my music. If i can inspire, connect or evoke emotions, it’s the cherry on the pancake.”

Featuring artists IR Dante and Rob Soul, this fabulous single makes you think, while it makes you groove to the happiness it invokes.

It’s life. It’s what it is. Let’s all have a hand in going for betterment for all.

Humanity doesn’t deserve, anything less.


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