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Bora York Shares Ethereal ‘Hold You’. “Love Definitely Is A Mystery.”

Love is built with the bricks of tears, and glued with the goodness and the happiness of our relationship. Can this NOT be a truth? Alas, no. Truth and trust comes into play, for that to be, each party must reveal their real selves. And with tolerance for the bare-raw information, the deal is sealed with loyalty and life long commitment to one another.

BORA YORK is awesome.

The music is fresh, airy, but with the truth seeking content that is familiar but so unique.

“We’ve always just gone creatively where we want – not trying to box ourselves in or be swayed by trends. We want to write songs that are completely us – regardless of what the reception might or might not be for a song or album.”

The layers of synth and the drum-drumming of the beats, Chris & Rebekah does it quite elegantly with this single. The bright primary colors of the BORA YORK rainbow is stunning to listen to, and imagine in our own daydreams.




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