Borg ‘Mission Impossible’ : A summery of delight. Making the sultry of poetry, accessible for all of us to adhere.


“It’s a song about dreadful indecisiveness,” said Borg. “About a spring of going back and forth, only to realize that as autumn comes you’re still in the same place.”, Borg says. “I find my stories to find energy in that clash of sweet and dreadful, and I think it reflects on the sound.”

After having spent a few years in different musical collaborations, lending her voice to acts as different as The Honeydrips and Olov Antonsson, Amanda Ingeborg Runestam sneak launched her solo project in December ’19.

BORG is stunning.

From wisps of gallantry, to stories of self admonishments, and victories in sight, to montras of survival and joy, Borg’s intuition for what makes human hearts tick, delight in a dance that glances with vitality and vision. A summery of delight, where Borg ponders the enviable, then making the sultry of poetry, accessible for all of us to adhere.

It’s a project by Amanda Ingeborg Runestam and ‘Mission Impossible’ is her beautiful follow up to her debut EP, ‘Honest and Cool’.


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