Born Again Virgin ‘Spider in the Snow’ : Intertwining of words to emotive highlights, surge like no one’s business.

Born Again Virgin

Anna Roenigk is Born Again Virgin, and the Austin Texas bred artist uprooted her life last year to make the move to London. Much like her influences, ‘Spider in the Snow’ is a result of these two sparing environments. Recorded predominantly in the UK, the theatrics of Rufus Wainwright, the rawness of 90’s grunge and the lyrical inspiration of Dean Young’s poetic collection ‘Fall Higher’ – “Hark Dumbass, the error is not to fall but to fall from no height.”

Anna explained that she saw that line as being “courageous enough to take a chance on something or someone because either way we are all going to fall, whether it’s from a height or tripping over our own feet.”

‘Spider in the Snow’ is both ambitious and dynamic; shifting between the soft, the swirling and gutsy chorus of distortion and thundering drums, manipulate the sound waves of our cult emotions, and banishes them into another world of exasperation and wonderful vibes.

Ringing at the end of the song is Anna’s visceral and engaging vocal tone. The weapon of high velocity, Anna’s intertwining of words to emotive highlights, surge in ‘Spider in the Snow’ like no one’s business.

Ans you’re glad it does.

Look for more from this fabulous artist.


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