Born Before 00’s ‘It’s a Shame’ : Happy go lucky homage to the era before the 2000’s.

Born Before 00's

This is the second single from the producer Born Before 00’s. He’s worked with acts like Grey, Alma & Skott, etc and in the follows up his first single ‘Float On Water’ with ‘It’s a Shame’. Said BB00’s: “Attraction and love can’t always be explained. It’s just there even though it isn’t always logical.”


Born Before 00’s is a happy go lucky homage to the era before the 2000’s.

The project wants to take you back to the time when kids roamed the streets with headphones, listening to the latest music on portable CD players. Adding a retro vibe that transfers your favorite sounds between services to keep your 2020 meticulously created music library on fire.

Whoa x 2. Live it.

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