Born Ruffians ‘I Fall In Love Every Night’ : That’s what you hear and feel.

Born Ruffians

Rough? Nope. Smooth as a baby’s bum. Geek? Nope. Even more than you’d ever guess. Engaging? Yep. Talents exude with energies of light and the dark.

Don’t get the band wrong. They seem happy go lucky, in their execution and their lyrics. But comes to the end of it all, they heave with the weight of a swing vote and the fastidiousness of an incoming new hurricane.

It’s all in the nuance, and that’s where Born Ruffians work and expand.

The Toronto trio makes a return with ‘JUICE’, their 6th album n April 3rd, and they gots-the-oomph that makes you want to go ‘mmmm’, as always. ‘JUICE’ wastes no time messing about, rather these 9 tracks are a “hyper, earnest and affecting collection of rock & roll songs, sewn together into a cohesive, relentless, and uniquely enjoyable experience.”

The decade and a half long career as a group of friends making music they always wanted.

That’s what you hear and feel.

Luke Lalonde, with bassist Mitch DeRosier and drummer Steve Hamelin make a corner of your life, a bit more fun.


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