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Born Ruffians – Love Too Soon

“Uncle, Duke & The Chief is a record less concerned with what sounds hip than what feels good.”

February 16, 2018, the 5th album from Born Ruffians will drop. It’s named ‘Uncle, Duke & The Chief’. And so far what it’s offered, tis gloriously cool.

The album is produced by Richard Swift and “that meant shedding some of their more arty influences and reconnecting with the sounds they first heard on their parents’ turntables as kids: Buddy Holly, The Everly Brothers and pre-psychedelic Beatles.”

“It’s about going back to the deepest, most satisfying itched to scratch,” says Lalonde.

‘Love Too Soon’ is what we love about the band.

Listen to it.

Listen to the lyrics.

Bold, weird, hyper self-critical. It’s hyper-awesome.

Don’t let the slow tempo of the song get you confused. The dynamism of the band exists as they promise – altercations, in sentence by sentence, deriding the folksy purpose of realistic challenges – in life as the art.

Relationships fall.

Pronouncement linger.

Sometimes never meeting.

Cross roads, just are straight lines wrongly labeled.

Ultimately, we recognize our incorrect assessments.

Then we try again.

Crying, sometimes. Hating most of the time.

Grinding, and painfully surviving.

We love this song.

It came out in October, but we mention it again, because we can and second, we’re reminding ourselves of the inevitable launch of the new album – as formentioned.

It’s gonna be cool, we thinks.

As always, the world can pre-order the album.

You can do that by seeking out Paper Bag Records, working out of Toronto Canada.

Kudos, guys. Kudos.



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