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Boy Bjorn Shares ‘Alone At The Severance’. It’s Hard Living. We Can Do It.

The screams of injustice has its merits. The torture of minds and hearts, has its detractors. The unsuspecting victims of untruths, have their haters. But why? Because the engine of society works with the lubricant of facts layered with truths.

What is our truth? What is your truth?

We all manage in our own way, and sometimes those individual paths collide with the walls of societal norms. The frame in which we agree to work with, and work towards a civilization that works, is a constant struggle for balance and practicality.

It’s hard and it frustrates many.

But within this forest of haze, we still can find our niche, our own path to happiness, self worth, and confidence.

Why not right?

After all. It is a world that we human beings have built. So as a component of that ‘world’, we can help to chip at it, change it, or mold it.

“I think sometimes we’re all just trying to find our own way of saying that. But I wanted to set that thought against a light, ethereal backdrop to shed some of its weight. The more important part of this story is that “it’s alright”.”




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