.boy ‘Bowie’ : Slow, methodical, angular – just what the doctor ordered.


Catchy synth hooks and melodic whimsy, diversifies with both anxiety and experimental understandings.

A project of integral occupations of the inquisitive, .boy’s songwriter Roger Phelps explains: “In a way, this song is about me and my insecurities… but it didn’t start out that way. It was about someone initially but I remember thinking, huh, this is certainly also about me. From then on I saw ‘Bowie’ as an introspective kick in the ass as well as a letter to that initial person. I wrote this as I found myself at a crossroad, not really sure which way to go. At the height of that anxiety, I asked myself, do I want to go back to a past laden with innocence and ignorance, or could I possibly move forward to what I need (love, healthy relationships, physical health, etc)? I believe I’m still making my way slowly but surely down that latter path.”

From the get-go, whims of inspiration and imagination, tangle in a dance in ‘Bowie’.

Slow, methodical, angular – just what the doctor ordered.


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