Boy Destroy ‘As Time Goes By’ : Will pull our senses for the better. Confessions, abound with warmth and understanding.

Boy Destroy

Swedish artist Boy Destroy has shared his latest title single, ‘As Time Goes By’. With an accompanying video, directed by Jesper Johansson, delivering another facet of the song, the encountering of the sorrows and triumphs of the song, becomes heavy with delight.

Said Boy Destroy: “On the surface, this song is about the day after a destructive night, with someone I liked, in a bed somewhere. A film from the thirties. And tender lies in the dark. ‘As Time Goes By’ is a temporary break from a life on the run. Away from upbringing, rules, religion and drugs. To cease movement and resign to the perfection of the present moment – give of oneself and get back. To look into someone’s eyes when the car drives off the road but has not yet cracked the water surface. Total weightlessness. A safe embrace.”

Boy Destroy’s upcoming 2021 EP, ‘Warpaint’, is a highly anticipated follow up to his singles.

Boy Destroy is a project for vulnerability and emotive embraces. A certitude of vibes that accepts intimacy and the bureaucracy of our minds, divine.

The emo pop goodness will pull our senses for the better. Confessions, abound with warmth and understanding.

embraces raw vulnerability even further, laying it all out in this emo-pop song that continues to build with each intimate confession.


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