Boy George x Lady Lloyd ‘Just Another’ : Poking fun at popular culture the Boy George way.

Lady Lloyd x Boy George

Producer Kinky Roland (Boy George) has revealed a brand new track and video with London model and drag superstar Lady Lloyd. ‘Just Another’ is an addictive pop/dance track with a high-fashion vogueing video, poking fun at popular culture and our obsession with reality TV and social media, with lyrics referencing the Kardashians.

“Andy Warhol would have worshiped The Kardashians,” said Boy George. “They inspire millions of people to dress like them. Not since Calvin Klein became the straight man’s choice have I seen such genius self branding. The song is a mirror of Pop Culture. Proper pop!”

Added Lady Lloyd: “I like to sing about social phenomena – things that have really taken over our consciousness. It’s not a diss against the Kardashians, it’s more of a take on our obsession with Love Island and Instagram, where the answer to life lies in looking like Kim Kardashian. It’s just so naff, I’m physically repulsed by naffness.”

Boy George and Lady Lloyd have worked together previously on a song called ‘No Ambition’, and continue to have a musical relationship, with other collaborations in the pipeline, including an anti-Brexit march and an homage to Dame Judy Dench.

‘Just Another’ is released via Boy George’s new record label BGP. Remixes come from Horse Meat Disco’s Severino, and Antoine 909, as well as a Kinky Roland mix by Boy George himself.

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She’s got a feather in her hat!

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