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Boy Pablo – Yeah

The delightful tune by Boy Pablo is, well… delightful. It’s a huge compliment. We think so anyway, with interesting annunciations and vocal characteristics and all of it drenched under the sweet and delectable sensibilities of Pablo.

We liken it to getting a helping of a Subways Sandwich. You know, the one where you watch the ingredients being put together in front of you. You pick out the kind of sandwich, the type of bread, and which vegetables you’d like on your footlong or 6 inch.

Then there has to be a decision on whether you’d like it ‘toasted’ or ‘not’. Most people want something warm, so ‘toasted’ is a majority of the options chosen.

And just like what Subway corporate statistics can determine, you, Mr. Regular Customer pick the most popular: Spicy Italian. Italian meats, cheese, and other assortments – all toasted.

Yum. That was a meal.

Just like ‘Yeah’ – is guiltless, caloric friendly, just the right portions, and tasty kind of musical absorption.

It’s easily digestible.

Don’t need more pro-biotics to pull out the nutrition, to the maximum.

The circle of life (meal), is quick, satisfying, and complete.

Just like this weird anecdote, we at CHF, got hooked by ‘Yeah’. Pablo’s nonchalance and teen boy humor, quickly made us notice his skillz.

And his skillz is definite, which is very much evident in his EP ‘Roy Pablo’.

At the end of the day, the EP and his individual songs are about ‘teen boy’ related subjects. Which is totally relatable and appropriate – for he is one.

However, it’s not always the subject but of the execution of that thought, memory, lust, or desire.

Boy Pablo has it goin’ on and we’re glad we came across some of his works.

We dig it. And hope you do too.

He’s rep’ed by 777RECORDS, in Norway.



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