Boy Romeo ‘Daydream’ : That effort to absorb, really comes easy-peasy with Boy Romeo.

Boy Romeo

John Steiner leads this band of musical talents. A legend in their own cult-y ways, Boy Romeo gives new dimensions as much as the next guy. But if that guy is John Steiner, then there’s a good chance that it’s Boy Romeo and the music from those fingers and appendages will be spectacular.

‘Daydream’ is a drizzly bedroom-pop ensemble, clear of guilt and heavy with the aftershave of nonchalant-seriousness. The brows of intimacy and fantasy, comes forth in a dangling menagerie of insolence and profundity, which jam like there’s a deep seeded effort to absorb it all.

With this song (and many others) that effort to absorb, really comes easy-peasy with Boy Romeo.

Suck it all in.

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new single tomorrow~

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