Boyish ‘FUCK YOU HEATHER’ : Culminate vapidly and fulfilling-ly in this caustic delight.


Boyish is a project formed by India Shore and Claire Altendhal. With vibes that are large as her eyes, and an emotional lurch as expansive as the Universe… a prolonged allegory for the defiance and lurid viscosity of life. We’d said: “A reasonable task that is monstrous in ask, and always offers a challenge of a gargantuan kind.

Tasks and questions of the heart is hard. It’s mysterious and never resolved. It haunts with a seemingly never ending perseverance, but never ever reveals where it will lead you next.” Feel bad for ‘HEATHER’.

But not. FUCK YOU HEATHER, but we hope that you realize the light. Uncertainty, angst, straight-forward questions – culminate vapidly and fulfilling-ly in this caustic delight.


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