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Boys – Rabbits

We have a thing for Scandinavian indie bands. It’s no lie. It’s real. Boys’ Rabbits is one great example of what awesome indie rock/pop/alt should look and feel like.

Rabbits is a cylindrical description of a moment in a moment. It concretely, but discretely is a purveyor of sweets and the sour in a candy that is a relationship.

The band is a combination of Natalie Merchant, chipped with the chords of an amalgamation of many 90’s grunge indie pop rock. It’s the salad that just hits our wheelhouse, and we dove right in.

Nora is a delight. Her voice is angelic. It’s a stereotypical description, but it’s so “nordic”. It’s a delight listening to her.

This is a solo project of hers but just has a heft of what it “should be”. It’s a follow up of Love On Tour EP, and the project’s been alive since 2015.

This seems so fresh, and relevant to us – we dig it, to say the least.

More please!

Boys is rep’ed by PNKSLM, one of our fave labels. Check ’em out, both!



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