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Boys Shares Another Sparkle Of A Song ‘That Weekend’. Debut LP ‘Rest In Peace’ Out May 11.


The Umeå musician’s songs are as seductive and erotic as that spot on our significant other’s part, where the neck meets her collar bone. Beautiful lines, injected with beautiful accompaniments, the velcro of being ‘interesting’ is evident in each bar.

Karlsson’s journey has been a long one, and in her debut LP ‘Rest In Peace’ will be her chance to explain, describe. The lo-fi artist, now has a publication home, where we’d think she’ll thrive as the months pass.

As the songs come apparent, the honesty in the voice of her lyrics shine brighter and brighter. The wide indie pop infatuation expressed by Nora is all involved, and arms length, as well.

The attraction is real.

Growing up, thoughts during struggles, life in this world, questions, and answers – Nora brings it to the front, and discusses her inner being contrasting it with the external world’s explanations.

Difficult for sure.

Bliss for us music fans.

Buy [HERE]

Boys ‘End Of Time’ [HERE]




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