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Boys Shares ‘End of Time’. Upcoming Album Drops May 11th.

Nora Karlsson’s sweet and innocent vocals, gently weep into the drizzling of emotions within the notes. Her emission of sultry awkwardness towards subjects as old as human time, levitate and project beautifully in ‘End Of Time’, the second single from the upcoming 8 song album ‘Rest In Peace’.

“I watched her, as she stood, against the railing of life’s guarded external shields. I knew she loved me, and I, the same. But it wasn’t long until I became a pawn in her love’s game, and I divulged my path, well worn, into her new Universal forest. She gives me life.” – CHF

The Umeå musician’s songs are as seductive and erotic as that spot on our significant other’s part, where the neck meets her collar bone. Beautiful lines, injected with beautiful accompaniments, the velcro of being ‘interesting’ is evident in each bar.

Karlsson’s journey has been a long one, and in her debut LP ‘Rest In Peace’ will be her chance to explain, describe. The lo-fi artist, now has a publication home, where we’d think she’ll thrive as the months pass.

The songs, to us, reveals her inside walls of expectations, self doubt, self reliance, and ultimate investment in future confidence. The world is a wide one, and she’s apt to go take a big bite out of it.

‘End of Time’ is her oldest original songs (back when she was 17 years old), and it doesn’t disappoint with the level of honesty in her lyrics and her notes.

That’s what we love here, at CHF, and we commend her for that.

Kudos, Nora. Kudos.

Debut LP ‘Rest In Peace’ drops May 11, 2018 in all formats.

She’s rep’ed by PNKSLM.

Buy [HERE] or [HERE]



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