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Brad Stank – Take Me To The Crib

The dreamy 70’s soul vibe consistently highlighted by the vocals of BRAD STANK makes this single just simply delicious. It’s just a song that is repeatable. What a ride. “The track is an ode to Joni Mitchell’s Little Green. It offers a double play on crib – a longing to go home with his lady but also a longing to his innocent days.” Thoughtful and delectable is what ‘Take Me To The Crib’ is. Get in, the jacuzzi is waiting.

Pedestrian Lifestyle – If I Surrender

The Thunder Bay, Ontario natives, make their latest argument for what life has to offer. Better yet, what we ourselves can offer ‘life’ in reverse. What if we did do the things that we wanted to do, every day? Would we be surprised at how easy life has become, suddenly? Would that make life, for the long run, better and more fulfilling? Not sure. Life is after all, a box of many different kinds of candies. From experience, we gain satisfaction of providing. From providing we gain acclaim. Our hearts become fuller, with love, with hate, with ambiguousness. It’s the perfect cocktail. Let’s enjoy it.

John Muirhead – I Can Sleep Anywhere

“‘I Can Sleep Anywhere’ is an ode to music, touring, and to playing your heart out even when the room is empty,” stated JOHN MUIRHEAD. It’s the passion and driving ambition for the craft of what he wants to do the rest of his life. At least make the 100% effort to do the best you can. John and many peers like him, knows what it takes to try to accomplish. At the end of it all, you’ve made a mark in this life. And just a minority of people can say that. So, let’s go forth and make that mark larger and deeper. Word.

SHON – A Crack in It

SHON’s single ‘A Crack In It’ inquisitively drives the intuitions of the known and the un-known, amassing the essences, in a volatile ball of energy managed and tempered. The classically trained multi-instrumentalist, based in Los Angeles, takes the trampoline of emotions, and cauterizes in a vacuum of ideal keys and consistent wall of percussion. The former techno DJ/producer want a way to explore the other side of the ether. SHON’s working on his new piano album.

Your Love – Something New

“‘Something New’ is all about the frustration of meeting that someone who totally captivates you and knowing you’re never going to meet that person again. It’s the clash between falling in love and not being the right person at the right time.” And the single wrenches your heart out with its emblematic and consoling debt to a personal default in love. Can a life be revitalized with just one who love? Or is it just a mirage? Why are we kidding ourselves? Because we do, and of our needy animalistic tendencies. Debut EP is out, beginning of 2119.


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