Bradley Arthur Maxwell ‘Alone’ : The cowboy of urban aspects, witness the world, as it surrounds him

Bradley Arthur Maxwell / Photo: Britt Lara Wilen

Eloquently emotional; sublimely contentious; Rousingly picturesque – Bradley Arthur Maxwell’s single ‘Alone’ revolves with undertones in ‘a life’ and of ‘for life’. A decadent subterfuge of likened viabilities, rendered into coexisting algorithms, that exist in the heart of Bradley’s acoustic charm. The cowboy of urban aspects, witness the world, as it surrounds him – his vibes – and his sentiments.

“The presiding rescue of this therapeutic single, just tickles your heart into believing once more. Once more of the love that was won, and the enthusiasm to go through the trials to get to that blissful place again. You’re back with the fervor deserving and deserved.”

‘Alone’ was recorded at Echo Lake Studios near Halifax, Nova Scotia, with multi-instrumentalist and award-winning producer Daniel Ledwell. This is the second single to be released from Bradley Arthur Maxwell from his sessions with Ledwell, with more to follow in the coming months.

Depth of feel and honesty, comes easily for BAM’s song. And we benefit, with fanciful returns.


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