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Brainstory – Cover It Up

jazz, psychedelia, and soul. Mash of
“‘Cover It Up’ is a rally cry for all the cultures and peoples who have built this country, yet continuously get mistreated and scapegoated,” said the band. “This song was born out of anger and the helplessness that we felt when hatred and supremacy found a new face and place in our society. Today, we can’t be silent nor covered up, because we are alive and well, and stronger than ever.” With the ever present but just lifted in the aura of the song, ‘Cover it Up’ has that Latin flavor – especially at the percussion – which pleases your senses with uplift and delight. Consisting of Martin brothers, Kevin (guitar, vocals) and Tony (bass,vocals), they excite their fans along with Eric Hagstrom on drums. With their newest self-titled “mini-album” produced by Chicano Batman’s Eduardo Arenas, they forge a new path towards even more progressive and soulful sounds. The three met and played locally as a jazz trio for years until 2014, the year they electrified and became Brainstory. It wasn’t long before their original works caught on with audiences beyond their beloved I.E. and broke fresh new ground in the Los Angeles area. ‘Cover It Up’ is an alt-vibe that is compelling and an offering that gets your juices flowing.

Imposters – Someone

With the core of Jake Albi, Nick Greto, and TJ De Rosa (long time friends and fellow music makers) formed in 2015 Jake’s previous project daisychain had disbanded, he sought a new musical direction. Now after another moniker change (formerly Break Down The Walls), the Imposters continue with vigor and innovation, as they’ve always done. Off of their latest full album ‘Someone, Sometime, Somewhere’, this single is a commemorative vibe that combines the vibes of Oasis, Beatles, and Soundgarden, to make something that ‘someone’ like you can enjoy with a timid but exasperatingly pertinent grin from ear to ear. Like a thought from a grand ol’ written novel, the vastness of ‘Someone’, viewed through the gentle wafting of its aft and just chorus harmony, casts that chill of gratefulness. A fulfilling and satisfying offering, that get you right ‘here’. The Hawthorne, NY originating band, delivers with deliberate and meaningful rock n’ roll, perfect for those upcoming Autumn days and nights. A partner for fending off those affectionate blues.

Heartcave – Santa Barbara

Peter Plank’s new solo project Heartcave is worth the price of admission, and then some. ‘Santa Barbara’ is a deliberate ride up the west coast highway of your dreams, with the setting sun driving with you on that horizon, warming your face as you glide through the ambience of life with the gal of your dreams next to you. It’s that good vibe. And in the chorus of ‘Santa Barbara’, you get what you’d been wanting – a set of notes that brings you into a climax of 70’s vibin’ ecstasy, riddled with sumptuous disco and pop attentions, that soar like the eagles of a past longing. Peter lives and works in St. Louis, Missouri. And in Heartcave, his ambitions as a songwriter comes to a head, where all of the 8 cylinder 4 piston naturally aspirated gumption, drives up and takes you on a journey of discovery. It’s a new and wonderful offering in ‘Santa Barbara’, and it coaxes with full affection. Looking forward to more from Peter.


M Λ T S C H’s music is an attack of the most visceral kind. The way it’s presented, makes you otherwise, keen on thinking what it would be like to listen to you sub-conscious. In the daylight. Maddening? Maybe. Illuminating? Probably. The convective torrents of mixing the two dimensions of thought and secrets, is where we feel, M Λ T S C H comes into play with all guns blazing. It’s an other worldly presence of pop, but not. It’s industrial, but grazing. It’s rock, like there was not precedence. Off of his latest ‘Five Miles Away’, his single ‘Fears’ is one of the examples of such gnarly and grotesquely truthful reflection of what it could be. His self described ‘Christopher Nolan’ like ambitions in his works, is a small clue to where his works are aimed. But that fact – a resemblance of the gray and the muddied dreams – don’t answer what’s really driving M Λ T S C H’s psyche and musical march. However, it wouldn’t be as fun, if all of it was out in the open eh? Let’s keep our sub-conscious, where it belongs. We can live vicariously through M Λ T S C H.

Diva Faune – After the Show

Co-written with Julia Stone, ‘After The Show’ is one of the center pieces of Diva Faune’s new debut album ‘Dancing with Moonshine’. Composed by singer-songwriter Yogan Le Fouler-Barthel and produced by arranger and electronic artist Jérémy Benichou, with additional drums by the third member of the band, Valentin Franceries, the album’s musical production is beat-oriented, fresh and original. Singer-songwriter Yogan’s expressive voice is unique to me, especially appreciable in tracks with sparse instrumentation like ‘After The Show’. Delicate as the flower standing alone in the watered vase, the still of the morning comes to mind as you listen to this song. But the path of the day – the life that is led to this point – dangles in the memories of our minds like holiday trinkets, filled with warmth. You. Us. Together we made a great team and never had a notion that it would end. Infinity was the summary of our fairy tale moments. But you’re not here. Hearts are broken, and the ending should be different. It can’t be. Will it? Hope it will. Our hearts tremble once more.


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