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Brandon Jack & The Artifacts – Modern Day Distractions

PB&J? Nope. it’s BJ&TA. And just like the delicious snack food of younger days, ‘Modern Day Distractions’ by this project, headed by Brandon Jack, is a charming delight of sweetness, lined with tart and swirl of tongue-in-cheek. Garage-pop delivers rock goodness, like hitting bottom. Life has to get better from now on, right? The fan of Australian rules football team, Sydney Swans, Brandon is a man of many tastes, wants, limits. But passion for giving and wanting to provide is where he wants to be, within the realms of art and music. ‘Modern Day Distractions’ is literally about ‘distractions’, but of the fabulous kind. It’s, walls of sound from bands like Blur and Fatboy Slim. It’s, walls of sounds from life itself. Both, he’ll tackle with gumption.

Gordon Victor – I Lost My Mind That Day

Mesmerizing single ‘I Lost My Mind That day’ is an incorporation of the best in style, of Santana, and the amalgamation of beautified pop-rock invigoration. The melancholic memorial of one of the most memorable days a human being can go through, GORDON VICTOR, hits the spot with fantastical dramatics in theatrical charm. The 70’s vibe comes through from the lyrical excellence, and all of it is dowsed with calm excitement in the electric guitar licks. Pretty, shiny, enticing to the eyes – an experimental viability turns the corner in exquisite terms of endearment for the public. Slight vocals, gently narrate, to a story of time in memoriam – begging the listener to turn around and envision their own such emotional triumph. GV is a student, but teaches at the same time with his songs.

The POOL – Woow

Off of their upcoming album ‘Smokescreen’ (October 11) comes this delectably mysterious and vexing single of magnetic proportions. New-wave tarred in shoe-gaze inspirations, it casts a dark and morose vision to one thought and one thought, alone. A cinematic and groovy, psychedelic enormity, sprouts from the single as the stamp of approval from the glistening pours of the band’s truth, becomes you – us – everyone in the room. The purposefully intoxicating measures of a man and woman, trickling about the edges of living and existence, meet and carry the day’s order of even more exactness in confusion. Our live described in one breath, supposin’. THE POOL is an amalgam of songs and notes and notions, gathered here together, solemnly sworn to another, with rings of emotional prejudice – but never really alone. About the video, lead singer Martin stated: “”We filmed the video live on a hot and sweaty June night/morning at Ralf Schmerbergs Atelier at the Come Closer 2 party in Kreuzberg, Berlin. The sun was coming up when we played this song. Anders Bigum captured the vibe of the room and performance and we are very happy with the result.” Lovely indeed.

Michael Blakeman – Risk

MICHAEL BLAKEMAN is from another decade. Has to be. Or is it that he’s from the future, concurrently living and interacting inter-dimensionally with our 3D selves. A 4th or 5th dimension exists somewhere, in another cast of probability. Sanctity is destroyed if we are introduced to such improprieties in knowledge, for our brains of the known will revert and reveal our insignificance. Here and now. Does. Not. Matter. The beings in that 4th or 5th dimension are looking down at us. As importantly and affectionately as children are by parents. Michael’s beautiful nectar of music in his latest single ‘Risk’ is that other dimension. A vocal dance, intertwined wit tangible resonance – blinking and teasing, with delicate assumptions via piano and sun-dried memories. ‘Future’ is the debut EP of Michael’s project, and the Perth Australia based artist brings all of the right parts with ‘Risk’. “This release was a huge step outside of my comfort zone,” said Michael. “I’ve been involved with music for a while, but nearly all of that time was spent playing guitar in various bands. I wanted to push myself by creating something of my own from the ground up”. Victory is at hand.

Starwishr – Say Cheeese

STARWISHR plainly put it that ‘Say Cheese’ is: “A song about wanting to capture a perfect moment with somebody but they just wanna LIVE IN THE MOMENT. jeez…” It’s subtle, but profound, and it is a thought that we all get to think about when we’re hit with such a distinct moment in our lives. Off of the EP ‘Confetti Sprinkles: Milkshakes’ (a companion EP that was released along with ‘Confetti Sprinkles: Cupcakes’) the diabolically clever attention to personal emotions that afflict some kind of reflection towards another, is an understated dark horse of a song. The chaos of ‘Say Cheeese’, in its own way how we capture our ‘awkward’ moments of importance, only to re-digest it in ‘hindsight’ and maybe to a degree, after-the-fact. ‘Say Cheeese’ is a song of and about faults of our human lives, and the feelings that weigh us down in our daily lives. Happiness, anger, resentment, regret, joy, all culminate in our hour-by-hour, without our conscious accounting. We think STARWISHR gets it. BOTH EPs are delicate and majestic. Have a look see.


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