Brandon Jack & The Artifacts ‘I Guess I’m Bad For You’ : Dowsed in caramel of funk and groove; shaking the booties of male and female.

Brandon Jack

“I tend to store lyrics in my brain until I find the right music for them,” said Brandon Jack. “The second verse of this is from an unreleased song from my first band called “train track party” but it fit perfectly with this track. It’s about vices and expectations. The things that get a grip on us and look appealing but probably aren’t the best thing. “Shut up go to school / get a job be a fool / don’t talk be dumb/ stay at work don’t have fun.” There’s this expected trajectory in life that we learn from a young age and it’s kind of off putting for me.”

Brandon Jack & The Artifacts lo-fi, electronic garage rock project by Brandon Jack (The Vitriots). The sound is a beat-down, put-em-up or shut-up goodness. A mess, with brazen guitars and melodic vocals, where it is dowsed in caramel of funk and groove; shaking the booties of male and female.

“I think it provides comfort in knowing there’s an established road map that provides security, but I also think there’s much innovation and all that kind of thing we are missing out on because of it.”

Brandon Jack & The Artifacts is all self-produced, written, mixed by Brandon.


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