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Brat Farrar – Always You

It’s vicious. Yes. Vicious. Weirdly the memory of the animated movie ‘Heavy Metal’ (the first one, not the sequel) popped up in our head. Why? Why would that happen? But, no matter. Brat Farrar’s ‘Always You’ is cool and kicks your butt.

In a good way.

In an insane way.





The dedication to the person the song is professing, is respectable and admirable.

The heavy, incessant vibrating chords are just a delight to listen to – smiles extending from ear to ear.

Velma was a town girl, wanting to get away. She was bit shy, bit clumsy, with the typical geeky girl effects. The typical guys just wanted to avoid her, for she was a bit awkward to talk to, at times.

Mostly, she was quiet and hard to talk to.

She’d been like that most of her life. And she recognized that.

She’d been aware of her ‘shortcomings’, doing her best to hide them.

But in her efforts to hide them, she put a big bulls-eye, highlighting even further her personal misgivings.

One day, however, HE strolled into town.

To her surprise, he APPROACHED her, that day – that glorious and fortuitous day.

She was silent, even more, as the guy of her dreams tried to talk with her.


She did not speak nor respond – hiding herself unwittingly staring at his mouth – quickly turning a couple of degrees right.

She swiped at her left ear, organizing it behind her ear.

His job he thought, was to get her to open up. He thought she was gorgeous. And behind her facade, there lay a diamond.

But diamonds are hard to crack, he reasoned.

“Hi,” she replied.

“Could we go sit and chat?” he asked.

‘Always You’ was on the split album for Farrar’s 2017 European Tour with BackUp, and the song is the right anthem to get the juices flowing.

The song is fabulous. It’s hard rock/punk style is so cool.

We dig it like no tomorrow.

You should too.

He’s rep’ed by P Trash Records, Off The Hip Records, Total BS Records, Stencil Trash Records.



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