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Brayden Ghose – Two Weeks

Off of his latest LP, ‘Colorwheel’, Acton, MA originating Brayden Ghose’s succulent shoegaze-laden vocals, dominate with gentle easing and prominent conviction for the fragility of love. Said Brayden: “This song was written to capture the anticipation of what I would feel after I left for college and would have to break up with my girlfriend. Two Weeks highlights the numbness of the situation while also expressing hope that maybe in years and years into the future we might have a chance to get back together, and my willingness to wait for that day.” The beauty of the constance of beat and rhythm, converses with your sense of the confusion that seeps into your mentality in a chaotic and new part (and phase) of a golden relationship. The story repeats over and over, in many lives throughout cultures and borders. And it’s a story that will go on, for as long as there’s love in humans, and humanity for others.

Colored In – Hey Nightmare

Twenty five year-olds Zach Katz and John Loxterkamp explode with gumption in this journal of emotions and operatic bedroom-pop dictation. We’d called the style of Colored In prior as a rhythmic collection of: “manic depressive harmonies, and unadulterated banal delights, manifest in this circus-like big-top atmosphere that is colorfully primary but dauntingly egregious in sound, at the same time.” There are no ‘ands’ or buts’, but of many more ‘hither’ and ‘thoust’, as Zach and John’s sense of reality and tinge of irreverence for their surrounding realities, causes a kind of allergic culmination for the wickedly sharp and decidedly ferocious in tone. Don’t under-estimate ‘Hey Nightmare’. For the ‘junk-pop’ vibe is serous as a heart-attack, in their best efforts to bring out the best essence of their musical summaries. But dance to it like a weirdo, though. You’re allowed that anytime.

Angels to Some – 13 Days

’13 days’ is the newest single off our EP, ‘Born Again Monster’. Hard rock/metal song in the style of old school metal, the song takes a journey from the soft and building up a hard-rock heavy. ‘Kill the Pain’ was the debut EP for Angels to Some. From central California, Angels to Some have been making gaining popularity though out California open for acts such as Bobby Steel and Act of Defiance. The Judas Priest like thump and growl, in that gritty American rock vibe, gains your ear’s respect, as the roll of thunder casts a dark and stoic rhythm for the future. The grounds rumble with painstaking insurgence, and the skies bow at the feet of reverting fuzz and axe grinding attitudes.

Ben Coiacetto – Chum’s Fake Afterlife

This song contains two compact overlapping stories exploring cybernetics and mother-son relationships. In a nutshell; the ‘Chum’ and his ‘Sacred Mom’ hijack a plane and fly it to ‘Bezo’s fort’ via Chinvat Bridge. Through ‘transgenesis’ the plane passengers are injected with copies of ‘The Wests’ mind-file. Simultaneously a cognition bot comes of age selling memories to the comatose. Am I just a file? Can you afford eternal life? The listener is left with clues and enduring questions. Ben Coiacetto is a performer, at the first. The London based multidisciplinary artist works with mediums of sound, video, painting, sculpture, writing and performing music. The charm of expression is where Ben works to live and excite. The pallet of goodness is infinite in his eyes, and he’s on a mission to make elements of those Universes his own, so that he can share and ingratiate with like-minded patrons. However, his ultimate triumph is winning over unexpected fans of the macabre and unadulteratedly off the beaten path. We’d said of Ben prior: “The mix of emotions are disturbingly twisted and calculated, but in its alchemy, triumphantly tortures you to a blissful adjunct of empathy and affection – opening up a wormhole to newer angles of thought.” Still valid, indeed.

Nights Like Thieves – Alright

Starting in San Diego, 2016, Nights Like Thieves, self record, mix and mastered our own recordings and film & edit our own music videos. The emo, punk, rock band features four musicians (Mario J. Rivera, Steve Smith, Franky Guzman, Chris Floyde) with longstanding history in the punk/rock scenes in both Southern California and New Mexico. Their sound varies from an upbeat, intricate and melodic vibe to a slower, more rhythmic and emotionally charged pace. The lyrical content is a prevalent factor in what defines the Nights Like Thieves catalogue. Through the combined years of experience of all band members, they function as a well-oiled machine onstage and know how to bring an impressive and engaging live performance. Driven and ambitious, the sounds are fresh and nostalgic, while allowing for engagement and reflection towards the future. See them next @ Original Mike’s in Santa Ana, California October 27th.


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