Breakup Shoes ‘IDK’ : And who doesn’t want it this way??? You should.

2020 tour starts February.

Breakup Shoes

Nick Zawisa, John Macleod, Derrick Lafforthun, and Matthew Witsoe together make up this fab band named Breakup Shoes. And ‘IDK’ is their single that is all that is cracked up to be. And then some. That is, if you think that love is this thing that confounds you, confuses with no remorse, but ever tauntingly necessary in your life.

And who doesn’t want it this way???

We’re animals living on this crust of a layer, of a ball of earth in this vast Universe. Are we here to love? Maybe. But who’s to say that it’s a destiny that is some grand design? Maybe nature has it that love is an ‘illusion’ – a trick of the mind, heart, and the body to make us have the little sounds of pitter-patter of generations forward.

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happy new year from your dear friends, Breakup Shoes! ✨ 2019 was the craziest year for us… from opening for some of our favorite bands like @soccermommyband , @novacationgrrl , @_summer_salt_ and @lemon.socks , to dropping a new record and a couple of music videos… all the way to selling out @therebelphx and @crescentphx (if you told me that would happen this time last year, I’d say you’re lying)… I’m just in shock about how much has changed and I can’t thank you all enough for listening and supporting us. Now onto 2020: our first national tour, even more new music, and who knows what else! All I know is that I’m stoked to spend it with all of you guys and I’ve never felt more excited about what’s to come 😘 cheers! 📸: @athena_burton

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Don’t sweat though. ‘IDK’ isn’t about the explanation of what’s to come for our species. But it is just a tale of one set of hearts, learning to love – learning to fly – in this vastness that is this town, city, country, and culture.

Well, at least that’s what we think about the song.

Is it more telling of our own mishaps in love and relationships??

Oh, behave.

The ‘bois’ will tour North America in 2020. It’s 2020 now, so we think you should get ready for their raid. Starts February.



Breakup Shoes


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