brecnmari Shares ‘Crazy’. “Emotions writhe with affection and angst. Feel it.”

Brecon Richards and Mariana Bandhold make up this pop duo project, brecnmari.

Charming and pretty? Surely. And will it get you to a place that is very sultry and delightful? Times two.

“’Crazy’ is a song about the angst and anticipation that overwhelms two soon-to-be lovers. They try to ignore it, focus on their day-to-day, and look the other way. But they cannot escape, they must be together. Denial only makes them crazy.”

Formed and defined by Mariana’s soaring vocals, the song is presented with seeming modern and bold strokes of musical colors, highlighted by the uplifting existence.

Reminding us of a Shania Twain, if she’d done synth-pop, the undeniably attractive duo act of brecnmari, compels with all of the promises you deserve.

Exploding by the peaks, the valleys of the song are as equally delectable and vibrant.

Emotions writhe with affection and angst in the arms of this duo.

Especially in this single ‘Crazy’.

Feel it.



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