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Brendon Moon Shares ‘Blue Moon’. “The Anguish Is Palpable. Victory Is Uncertain.”

Looking at your face as the dawn cracks open, I am always reminded of how lucky I am. Your eyes, your lashes, your cheeks, your nose, all so very important to me, to my being in this world. I get to see you asleep, next to me, before the day starts anew.

The gentle breeze wafts into the bedroom.

Our white curtains flutter with the dance of the wind.

Gently, the movement reminds us of the beautiful life ahead of us, this day.


“Good morning sunshine.”

“How are you beautiful?”

“Always well, when I’m with you.”

“I love you.”

“I love you more.”

The memories of those moments with her, digs at the heart of my guilt ridden mind. It was my fault for not protecting her. Now I rot in this jail cell I’ve made for myself, until the end of time. Wish I was with her now.

Singer-songwriter Brendon Moon relocated to Sydney in 2012 determination determined to move forward to new heights with his music.

‘Blue Moon’ is his latest single to be released, and it continues Brendon’s intermingling of emotions and the unfathomable maiering of situations in front of us.

The anguish is palpable. Victory is uncertain.



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