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Brent Randall – Tea & Butter Tarts

Brent Randall’s Tea & Butter Tarts is from that time you were in the episode of “The Monkees”. Yep. We said it. You were in that one episode where the montage segment came up. It was magic.

Well, you weren’t in any Monkees episode.

Wasn’t in your time era.

But this song just takes you back, to that, self-induced imaginary period of yester-60’s.

Was fun wasn’t it? Although it’s fully in your head, the cool fast forward segments, with weird and cheesy script lines make it right.

Oh the fun.

But then imagine this song from Randall, playing in your car.

Yes. You need a car to brighten up that long early road trip you need to take to meet your next sales prospect.

It’ll take 3 hours to get there, but ‘Tea & Butter Tarts’ is on and you’re on it.

“Alright, got my sales decks in color. Business cards. Office coffee mug to give to the prospect”

“Ok, now coffee in the car: check. Cell phone charger AC adapter: check.”

“Road tunes: double check.”

“Perfectly non-wrinkled suit jacket, hanging in my read seat window.”

Oh, this is going to be your best sales visit…ever.

We love this little diddy, and you should check out Brent more.

We think you’ll like his body of work, lots.



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