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Brett J.B. Shares ‘Garden Grey’. A Flip Back To Snippets Of His 90’s Childhood.

Taking a piece of paper and making a list. Memories of the past and of past’s moment in time, we love to flip back to – it’s inevitable. Notes to the flying leaves, mind’s eye foggy with nostalgia. Makes us feel good. Makes us feel the need to visit that safe place.

As we grow older and mature, with ever present responsibilities, our ‘childhood’ dexterities seem to fade away. They fade without notice, and seemed to disappear from our talents, over night. But it wasn’t over night. As our minds expand, with more information and better ways of managing our daily lives, the child within us, recede into a corner. It takes years. Slowly, but surely.

Brett describes what we sometimes feel.

Brett describes the same ‘sullen’ feelings, we dwell on for a minute or two, before getting back on that ‘adult train’.

We can’t go back. But surely we can turn that chapter, here and there.

The single is available now.


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