Brett Newski ‘What’d Ya Got To Lose’ : Look at things in a more less-menacing light. The ‘Brett’ way.

Brett Newski / Photo: Alejandro Albuernes

Brett Newski single ‘What’d Ya Got To Lose’ and see if you might be up for a post on your site. The song is from Brett’s upcoming album ‘Don’t Let the Bastards Get You Down’ (April 3, via Nomad Union).

‘Don’t Let the Bastards Get You Down’ is a call to arms against whatever destructive forces we may find ourselves battling, from our individual struggles with toxic relationships, low self esteem, loneliness, and apathy to the more global challenges facing us in 2020: The erosion of face-to-face human connection, the breakdown of the proverbial village, the destruction of the planet, and the myriad ways in which our social media addictions amplify these problems. Depression and anxiety are at all time highs, with many, if not most of us, struggling to preserve our optimism.

‘What’d Ya Got To Lose’ is all about what you probably have lost already (i.e. mental health, well being). But Brett has this charming playful side that makes thing more positive and forward looking, which helps us all look at things in a more less-menacing light.

It’s a talent. And a benefit to the rest of us.

So, how do we regain control and stay hopeful in the face of these challenges?

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Let’s do DIS!


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