Bretton Lee John ‘Rock Show’ : Honest story telling that irks you into pure lyrical pleasures.

Bretton Lee John

“I remember hearing Dallas Green’s second record and having this epiphany that men can have feelings and express them,” said Bretton Lee John. “Connecting to the words of people like Green, Dan Mangan or Elliott Smith helped me understand that I wasn’t the strange and oversensitive kid that my rural Albertan upbringing made me feel like I was. My dream is to be able to sing something that does the same for someone else.”

Whoa. Deep.

But it’s not a big surprise, when you listen to the depth of concerns in his songs. ‘Rock Show’ is one of those delicious journal entries that brings you right where he’d stood, and experienced. A time travel, fabulousness, that easily and candidly speak with honor and despicably honest story telling that irks you into pure lyrical pleasures.

‘Rock Show’ is an effort to manifest something you wish would happen. It’s the kind of song that plays as credits roll on a summer romance movie. Listen to it while you hang out with your cat, your best friend or a new love and feel all warm and fuzzy.

Bretton Lee John’s songs are special, in our eyes. Witty and empathetic, his droll charm, drizzles anything coming-of-age, and we’re all for it.

So good, indeed.

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he was just some Joseph looking for a manger

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