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Brian Bradley // Mapt // The Attic // King Monday // Cajaste

Brian Bradley – Autumn Night Drive

Vocals, Piano, Violin, Analog Bass, 808’s, Drums – BRIAN BRADLEY takes it into surreal construction of vivid memories for mortar and visions as jet fuel for the future to come. We’d stated about Brian: “Mixing multiple latitude of instruments, his main goal of disseminating the inner voice, succeeds in this single with delicious ambiguity. Contemporary and minimal, the complex become one fragment among a monolith of sights and determinations.” From his childhood to the dreams of forthcoming and unrelenting ambition for his music, the Minneapolis native tries to capture the essence of his self-assured enlightenment, up against the trepidations for the road ahead. He’s always been different in his approach. He’s determined to keep it that way.

Mapt – Summer in L.A.

The word “Mapt” is French translation of the English expression “BFF”. Fully expressed the words mean “Meilleurs Amis Pour Toujours” and as we at CHF learn something new, we dig into the sudden appeal of this chill vibe offering of ‘Summer In L.A.’ The single is a dreamscape of pastels and light leaks guided by synthwave aesthetics and roots percussions. MAPT stated: “This song has a happy/sad feeling. It describes the feelings you get when longing for something that is different from the situation you’re currently in. Layered in 808 goodness and synth, throughout, it represents a look beyond the relationships that can make the overall journey of life go from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. Guess MAPT states that fact and just wants all of to take that bridge when it presents itself.

The Attic – Somewhere

“‘Somewhere’ is a song about finding your true self and about the ever-going search for something greater. It’s a song about finding answers, meaning, and about trusting your intuition” says the duo who make up the project THE ATTIC. Michael Feiner and Eric Amarillo drive the rhythms and expanse of the project. Returning after a 12 year hiatus as a duo (solo careers, and life) the duo return to co-create the kind of Euro-dance framed hit again for the masses. The inspirational single ‘Somewhere’ takes us on a trek of self-reliance and a promise for a better and better future of our choosing. The duo are our biggest cheerleaders.

King Monday – Weightless

KING MONDAY is Sherwyn. And with its darker, morose, partly empathetic, and world-deprecating counter comment of a style, the project invokes the relevancy with staggered rhythms, hiphop riding beats, synth painted altruism, all in soulful irrigation. Sherwyn explores the sleepy “back to work” down tempo thoughts of “Monday morning” throughout. Two years in the making of this specific project, KING MONDAY performed his first live show, in support of artist Inwards in Bristol. Different experience is what KING MONDAY is all about. From concept to form, the riveting fascination born out of each surreal sounds, rather rake at normalcy, highlighting successfully, the outer-space like countenance and formality of life in sounds. Genius? Maybe. Sherwyn’s works are one of kind, to be sure.

Cajaste – Morning

CAJASTE’s single ‘Morning’ is a story of a “new day in the far distance as the sun comes up spreading bright rays of light. At the edge of the world you may almost touch the millions and millions of stars sparkling in the blue abyss of our sky,” said the artist. “The track was made in the middle of the night in the solitude of my own thoughts while the rest of the world was sleeping..” A meditative vacuum, the iridescence of the single shimmers off like the light that glitters in a lighted plain of pure white snowflakes, dancing in the gentle breeze of the winter season. It flickers gently, wafting through the ages, like the flicker from the lone candle. Other worldly, and world consuming, the little respite from the realities of this earth is a welcome one with this single.


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