Brian Elliot ‘Better Than Dead’ : Delights with a world beating energy, both subtle and magnetic.

Brian Elliot / Photo: Alexis VanOsdol

Sneaking up on you, Brian Elliot’s single ‘Better Than Dead’ offers a tingly sensation of dreamlike vibrance in a shimmering rock ensemble.

A chamber edging, indie experience, ‘Better Than Dead’ delights with a world beating energy, both subtle and magnetic.

With Brian’s entangled vocals – engaging and unique – promises a story of anthemic positivity and self-assured confidence, within the song and beyond.

Accompanied by a retro music video shot on Super 8 film in the American Southwest desert, ‘Better Than Dead’ features an immerses the view, through the mind’s eye of Brian’s beckoning and wonder.

Look for his upcoming debut album, ‘Familiar Walk To Nowhere’, to set you free.


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