Brian Grogan ‘I’ll Notice’ : Poetic guide for the depth of heart, in all of us. Voluptuous folk vibes in honesty.

Brian Grogan

Singer songwriter and poetic guide for the depth of heart, in all of us, Brian Grogan’s voluptuous folk vibes in ‘I’ll Notice’ is purity at height.

Said Brian: “‘I’ll Notice’ is about becoming aware of your own desires and ambitions along with your own mistakes. It is also inspired by the art of being bold which oftentimes means taking a leap of faith. It was born out of a desire to be heard above the mundanity of life.”

We often scream, in silence. From day-to-day, we are frustrated at the plight of our existence. Whether subconscious or not, we want something more to be of our ‘living’.

So, we take risks and do things to stimulate our sense. Results may vary, but we all often dream and some, act, on these circumstance.

There are no remedies to solving all our humanly ails, but being painfully and privately living in torture, shouldn’t be one of them.

Think Brian wants us to recognize and embrace our commonalities.

Look for his upcoming EP, ‘Rookie Mistakes’.


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