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Brian Parise, Knocked Them Down w/ Compatriots: King, Dunk, Valentin, Ireland & McAndrew.

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On the evening of April 4th, a bunch of comedians came down to FM in Jersey City to do some damage to the diaphragms and cheek muscles of the fans who attended ‘On Air @ FM’, produced by Ghost Bear Productions. Generally the diaphragms and solar plexus stayed intact. Although with the kind of laughter we (i.e. CHF) had gotten, there are muscles that were certainly strained by the joy.

The night featured stand up comedians: Jelly King, AJ Dunk, Lee Valentin, Kate Ireland, Joe McAndrew, Kevin Hall (host), and feature comedian Brian Parise.

The crowd was glad to be out of the weird weather of 25 mile an hour gusts of wind outside the doors of the restaurant. Seemed the quaffs of the patrons were nicely put back into place, as the evening happy hour drinking had earnestly started. People were cheerful, adding to the quality of contentment in the air.

The jokes flew. Naturally. Without fault. The joyous engagement from the audience was enjoyable to watch.

Feature Brian Parise:
Brian Parise is a pro who’d started out in comedy in Washington D.C. Then later moved to NYC after him being selected to perform as one of the new faces for ‘Just FOr Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal Canada. Ever since then he’s been traveling all over and being recognized as a sharp political comic. And on this particular night, he’d brought his shiny comic bullets for the audience to enjoy with expected witty quips, self-effacing Italian taunts, and playful observations. His set seemed to be the longest, but every minute counted.

Jelly King:
Jelly will be called our ‘Queen of the parody lyrics’ from now on. Well, queen for the night, for she’d made it known that there are many technological inconsistencies that we ‘humans’ tolerate day to day; accepting what the tech Gods are offering us. That was balanced with some ‘pad surfing’ that we guys didn’t know about, but understood just a bit more about. She made the male half, empathize. Kudos, Jelly.

AJ Dunk:
Dunk just went off the ‘rails’. Not in a crazy way, but imitation of our animal idiosyncrasies, whether in the subway, or anywhere else, AJ sees it, writes it down, and describes it in specific details – so that we can cringe, become uncomfortable. Then laugh together.

Lee Valentin:
Lee is a father of 10 kids. No. That’s an exaggeration. But he does have kids and as a father, he know fathers like His Father, and to what kind of father He Has become to his own. And that is where the fun comes in. Relationships, quirks, emotions, hidden secrets, awkwardness in being honest – that’s where Lee was this night. That couple up front surely got a taste of the truth. LOL.

Joe McAndrew:
Joe, as we’d mentioned, is a rocket. Set to explode, with you on the ride to the moon or not, Joe keeps the train wheels a chuggin’. His formative years as a juvenile (wait, we all were juveniles, at one point, right?) to the current massive and artistic juggernaut that is Joe McAndrew, came up the stage and crushed it for the crowd. It was rapid. It was fast. But the jokes, hit the targets, with favorable laughters.

Kate Ireland:
Kate is a daughter who loves her mother. She didn’t quite say it in that tone or in actual words, but we could feel it. The sweet smiling comic came up the stage and told of the times when she wasn’t as popular in school. Keeping the laughter going, with one of the most highly regarded stresses in a teen’s life. Moving back and forth from Miami, Florida (college), she knew she had to up her game. Let the hi jinx begin, as they say. Kate’s session was short, but we can’t wait for her to really tell us more about her deep, imbedded stories. She ‘lives’ in ‘awkward’ pauses. And we dig that kind of humor. Kudos.

Kevin Hall:
Kevin, in short, was fabulous. He was designated to be the host of the night, and we thought his timing was fabulous, in keeping the energy and crowd interest ‘interested’. And we were. For Kevin’s SWEATER was with us. And his liner jokes were on point. Kevin has performed all throughout the NYC/NJ area and in several festivals including the Asheville Comedy Festival, Dallas Comedy Festival, and the Boston Comedy Festival. One time he beat a gospel choir in a talent show. He still feels bad about that. Now where are penny loafers for that sailing session, Kev?

As we entered the establishment, comedians Brian Parise and Kate Ireland were in study mode, as they were rehearsing in their minds some new materials in their little black books. And to us, that scene of them sitting and jotting down their thoughts on the evening and how to tackle the crowd on stage, we were surly impressed at their work ethics. We got into saying hi with Jelly King, an Orange, NJ resident, who was getting some food intake before the festivities started. At the same time the host, Kevin Hall, came to light, and we chatted a bit. AJ Dunk was doing his thing at the other end of the performance seatings, catching up on thoughts and most likely, collecting his thoughts for the outing. Joe McAndrew is a pocket full of energy, which, because that’s just his nature, brings it on stage with the content of his materials and keeps the flow of his act going at full throttle. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to say hi to Lee Valentin before the show, for he’d been delayed just a bit. No worries, Lee. Next time for sure.

We love observing as well, for sure.

2018 © comeherefloyd

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