BRIDGE ‘It’s Ok’ : Looking hard – unto yourself – for the sake of it all.

'It's OK'

Where had we gone if we knew everything, beforehand? Would we be in the state of bliss as we’d thought we’d be? This moment? A future glimpse?

LA native singer, songwriter and producer BRIDGE offers an pop, hip hop, rock and r&b sounds with ‘It’s OK’.

BRIDGE said: “It feels very raw. It all feels like a raw and honest emotion. The music is all real…original and live music. The song was just an honest expression of what I felt. Thats what I love about it more than anything. Compared to everything I’ve put out lately this is definitely a more intimate vibe.”

The anthemic toil of heart versus heart; an impinging act of limitations, seeking eternal wisdom – we fail as humans, taking care of the beloved.

‘It’s OK’ is looking hard – unto yourself – for the sake of it all.


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