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Brightener – Help U Better Then

“I’m never there enough
All these things that I shouldn’t have done
Leave you when you need me as a friend
I just get so caught up in my own head”

Songs are representative of the songwriter’s experiences, ups & downs, the goodtimes, the bad, etc. We all know this. The difference from one band from another is the presentation and followthrough of the song.

And we love how “Help U Better Then” is done and executed by this California band, Brightener.

We know, we know. Some of the elements do feel like we’re in a 90’s “FOX sitcom” intro, but that doesn’t make it cheap or cheap-er. We think it enhances it, molds it, caresses the memories or perceived memories.

Look. Most of us lost loves, in our lifetime (maybe multiple times), but we persist, right?

Well, listen to this song and like it. It helps in that journey, in some small way.



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