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Brijean // Alaina // KIN CAPA // El Diablo // Dave Speakman

Brijean – Crushing On You

BRIJEAN is what you should think of when imagining what indie electro-pop could be. Decadent, imaginative, odd, and erratic in the construction of notes, the poject is all that is relatable of commercial endeavor, crushed into a space of independence and sovereignty of musical soul. No pun intended, but this single ‘crushes’ it out of the park, as it sets fire to your immediate past, so that you can merge your notions for the upcoming future. Just like we’d stated prior the project is a steely and focused “nonchalant glamor and mystical swagger” that just exudes with overwhelming talent. It is an exercise of maximizing of notes with an utter determination for making things happen for the listener on a private and profound way. Latin jazz, soulful R&B and the ‘90s pop, saturate the project’s musical being, defining paths, as it moves forward. Brijean Murphy is the project’s proprietor. Look out.

Alaina – Earth Means Dirt

Ryan Valley, Sam Reynolds, Dale Litster, and Ty Williams come together for ALAINA. Single ‘Earth Means Dirt’ is a pop tune that is a fab combination and of balance. See them next at Crowbar in Brisbane November 3rd. In a space where ALAINA lives, it’s easy to get a bit too sugary poppy, without you even noticing (well at least the folks we talk to). But On ‘Earth Means Dirt’ that cliff isn’t crossed, and it blooms itself to fabulousness, and self rendered fun. ‘Earth Means Dirt’ also started as a kind of parody to other ‘pop punk’ styled songs, but over a few months, “it grew into something with a little more depth and heart that each of us connected with in our own ways”. Go figure. Irony in creativity. Love it. Look for more from this refreshing band.

KIN CAPA – Queen of the ‘Niles

KIN CAPA is a one-manned band founded by NYC Singer, Guitarist, and Multi-Instrumentalist LEE CAPA. “The Mother-Earth Queen rises from The Nile as an act of vengeance to punish those who have destroyed her planet.” AO2 (Act II) opens worldwide FRIDAY 9/27 as the most anticipated follow-up of the year. Go to for genuine revelations on what to expect from the next of KIN and more myth shatterings. We’d stated “Pop-rock meets folk, the New York native brings certainty in an uncertain world. And when stripped down productions reverberate like the eagle’s cry high above the serene mountains, KIN CAPA captivates and rails against the conventional.”

El Diablo – Paralyzed

“I think this one is about a wasted life hating your father….or maybe hating your life because of a wasted father. Then again, it could be about wasting the father that made you hate life.” EL DIABLO is a “Secret project finally released from a dungeon in Chernobyl. Riddled with schizophrenic mirth.” Whoa. We can feel it in its grit. Much of it, it has. Mad? Mad as hell, yo. ‘Paralyzed’ is off of his newest self titled EP.

Dave Speakman – Alive

“After spending the past fifteen years as a session musician and educator,” said Dave, “I’ve finally recorded an album of my own material and have decided to pursue my creativity properly…I’m back writing music all the time again, which feels right. I’ve been plagued by depression and anxiety for a long time, which, due to a number of unavoidable circumstances, escalated out of control about 3 years ago. I needed to sort myself out. I joined the gym, lost 4 stone and, more importantly, have made phenomenal progress with my mental health. A lot of the music that I have written is about mental health. After losing a close friend to depression in 2018 – I felt that it was time for me to share how I felt about these issues.”


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