Brijs ‘River Swimming’ : “A meandering, glittering psych-folk epic drenched in vocal harmonies..”


Lifted from his upcoming debut album ‘Glitra’, guitar-pop artist and producer Brijs now returns to share the record’s fourth cut, ‘River Swimming’.

‘River Swimming’ is a meandering, glittering psych-folk epic drenched in vocal harmonies, bubbling synths and distant harpsichord. The track dips and dives with hypnotic drums, Latin percussion and is concluded by a masterful kaleidoscopic guitar duel.

Said Brijs: “That first trip to France was like jumping into a cool river on a summer’s day after a long journey and washing off five years of stress, sweat and grime. Half swimming, half floating, I headed downstream away from the greyness and noise towards a sun-drenched peace somewhere in the distance. Those two years living at Cecil Court felt similar in a way.”

The song was conceived on a trip to a small village on the Charente River in France. Brijs and his band mates packed up a beaten up yellow Volvo Estate full of instruments and amps and drove 10 hours to an old farmhouse owned by a family friend. The following week was spent mostly barefoot, playing music, drinking cheap red wine and jumping off bridges into the river. They returned the following year with a group of ten.


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