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Brit Daniels // nicopop. // Ministry of Mars // okay(K) // Katie Ferrara

Brit Daniels – Deja Vu

“It’s not you.” A dreaded answer for lovers everywhere. It can crush. It can anguish. It can turn you into a puddle of something you’d never been before. Beats of palpable atmosphere, radiates with slow confidence for the part of us that was, indeed, hurt. The scar never heals with expediency, nor with the completeness we’d expected. Inspired by relationships that never went anywhere, Brit wanted to get in touch with her feelings and explore what was going on. With red flags she’d ignored, it was just time that was missing to destroy another potential love. It’s a relatable story that we’d all gone through. Why we do so, there’s no clear cut answer. Guess it’s in our DNA, to a degree. Well, we live an learn. Brit keeps trying to be better. We should too.

nicopop. – Lover Lover (with Tyler Mann)

A mist of calm comes over you when nicopop. comes to sing. ‘Lover Lover’ is a part of the story for the working relationship with Tyler Mann. The two took a formerly rejected song (by another prominent DJ), and took it to its natural conclusion. The anthemic and cinematic exponent of a single, stamps an indelible stamp on what love can be (or not). Nicolas DiPietrantonio is the man behind the pop project, Nicopop. And from the pastel, and primary, the singular attitude of Nicolas pounds with soft gloves, but with astounding emphasis on story telling and vision. Simple but effective is what nicopop. is all about and Nicolas makes it happen, time and time again.

Ministry of Mars – Recognise

Brother Marsden, Alistair and Jon, make up the project of MINISTRY OF MARS. The delight is in the nuance and in the funky outcrops that the single ‘Recognise’ delineates. From the pop delivery, there is familiarity that envelopes you. It is the comfort in knowing that they can invite you for the party. There’s no going back, you know, and there’s no guilt. You smile, dance, and bop as you’d never known. You don’t know why. All that you know is that you ‘don’t care’ and you drive on. Into that forsaken sunset, California beach breeze drenching you from head to toe. Award winning from the get-go, the brothers have both combined and individual accolades, that just expands even further as they continue. They will continue and we’ll be there dancing up a storm.

okay(K) – cold (w/ honey gentry)

Striving to be better, the snow fell without a care. She stuck her tongue out to catch a snow flake. And it tickled with abandon; senses that shook her inner child and requited her love for him. He smiled as she turned to gaze at his eyes. okay(K) is a project that deems genre-less, with trap as a cornerstone, but never the only sentiment for building emotive music. The dampness of lonliness, never casts a full eclipse, for life isn’t built that way. It’s not a way to live. ‘Cold’ is that key to understanding, of the uninterrupted mysteries of life. No matter how local and personal. It’s a start. Keep okay(K) in your rotation.

Katie Ferrara – Hiding

Folk driven, but pop loved, KATIE FERRARA’s single ‘Hiding’ is an uncovering of that warm bedroom sheet, of which protected your sensibilities to the outside world. To a degree. Never unadulterated – Katie’s pop glistening offering is a pertinent injection for capturing the nagging and important examination for how and why we live the way we do. Each of us are built to resist. We aren’t taught to embrace, as we grow older with knowledge, and increased cynicism. Let’s not hide. Let’s give it a chance, again. Katie is an adventurer, seeker of her truth, and a singer/songwriter who is in the passion for the game. She’s busked, learning and loving her hearts desire, as a bird would fly. Now she’s come full circle to give it her all, so that her gift of music can be heard. Her debut full length album is in the works in 2019. She’s got lots of stories to tell.


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