Brit Taylor ‘Waking Up Ain’t Easy’ : It’s part of her quest to be better – at her own terms.

Brit Taylor

Life doesn’t go as smoothly for most of us. Brit Taylor knows this intimately. But with her might and self-confidence, she’d surged back to the heart of where her career should be. ‘Waking Up Ain’t Easy’ is a heartfelt truth of her own anxieties and regrets that have been. Most importantly however, it’s part of her quest to be better – at her own terms.

The melancholic song is starkly simple while embracing the complexities of love, loss and depression. A place in time, where Brit’s subtle and empathetic vocals, sooth with utter embrace of life as it is. From there you feel you can move on to better pastures.

“I think if longing had a sound, ‘Waking Up Ain’t Easy’ would be that sound,” said Brit. “I wanted it to sound timeless and classic both lyrically and musically,” explains Brit. “I wanted people to be able to insert their own story into the song.”

She added: “Depression is real and it’s deep. It’s something I never really understood until it happened to me. Of course I’d dealt with anxiety. After all, I’m an over-achieving perfectionist who wants to be in control and does not give up easily. But sometimes something bigger than anxiety kicks in and knocks you off your feet. I experienced this first hand when the decision was made for me to give up on something that I was willing to fight for. I became deeply depressed, and ‘Waking Up Ain’t Easy’ was born.”

After 10 years in Nashville, she decided to start over as a solo artist. It opened her eyes and heart to a new recognition. A new start. A new Brit. An evolving Brit.

‘Waking Up Ain’t Easy’ is warmth of the soul. It starts from a blank slate. Where your egos have been whittled down, so a new self rises from the ashes.

Look for more from this singer/songwriter.

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